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Ian McLean

Ian is the President/CEO of the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce, as well as Chair of McLean and Associates, a privately held consulting firm focusing on International Trade development and strategic advice for senior executives in the public, private, and charitable sectors.  Ian joined SVP in 2010, and is the proud father of two girls.

Why did you join SVP?

I joined SVP after my good friend Tim Jackson introduced me to the concept and the organization.  The notion of bringing talented and community minded partners together with a private sector approach to innovative and collaborative solutions for much needed community services was very attractive.

What aspect of your involvement in SVP have you enjoyed most thus far? 

I have enjoyed watching the enthusiasm among the partners to get in and invest time, talent, and money into very worthy groups.

If money wasn’t a factor, and you could solve one problem in our community, what would it be?

The problem that I would want to solve is to ensure every kid graduates high school.  We know that this is the most critical factor in everything from better health, better job prospects, and ability to contribute back to the community.

Which book, article or blog have you read that influenced you the most?

I enjoy reading Andy Stanley’s thoughts on leadership including The Next Generation Leader.  I also found his presentation to this year’s Leadercast event to be very useful.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of your work or volunteer life?

I love spending time with my girls at their activities and in school.  In addition, I also love to cook and play golf and am very involved with my church, Knox Presbyterian Church in Waterloo.

What’s the one thing you wish everyone knew about SVP?

It is a fantastic way to expand community capacity by individuals coming together to use individual talents to further a broader goal. At the same time, I would explain that the financial contribution is tax receiptable and is actually an investment personally and for the community.