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Social Venture Partners® (SVP) is the world’s largest engaged network of philanthropists and social changemakers. We advance the understanding of impact philanthropy by bringing donors and movement leaders together. By connecting values-driven changemakers, investing in community-led movements, and amplifying the power of collective action, SVPI is transforming philanthropy.

Your donations help fuel a more equitable culture of philanthropy around the world. By giving to SVPI, you empower donor networks, inspire more people to create transformational change, and drive systems-level change across the globe.

I’ve always been driven by a core set of values. When I found SVP, I saw that it was an organization that could help me live into my values and work for systems change.

— Terra Winston, SVP Chicago

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Our Impact

Collective action, accountability, and learning with community are at the core of our transformational approach to philanthropy. With your support, SVPI is creating lasting change by: 

  • Catalyzing more resources toward solutions and innovations for systems change.
  • Demonstrating ways to disrupt philanthropy as usual for more proximity and accountability.
  • Inspiring philanthropists to provide communities with what they need most.
  • Reimagining what giving can be.

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Featured News & Stories

Bob Armstrong, SVP Vancouver

I was raised with the mindset of giving back as a responsibility, and I try to instill those values in my children, too.
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Featured News & Stories

Kenji Hosokawa, SVP Tokyo

I joined SVP in 2015 after learning about it from a lawyer friend. SVP appealed to me because of its philosophy of generating social impact by scaling the work of the most innovative social entrepreneurs.
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