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Reception House becomes SVP’s newest Alumni Investee

Posted by tkgraham
Cheque presentation to Reception House, 2019 Investee

On behalf of the Social Venture Partners Waterloo Region board and staff, I would like to share that we have completed our work with Reception House, and they are becoming our newest Alumni Investee.

Reception House does vital work to help government-assisted refugees join our community through providing housing, education, and employment-related services.  We’re proud of what we accomplished together, including senior leadership team coaching, human resources support, and help with board governance.

Reception House’s Board Chair, Chris Stanley, shares:

We cannot thank SVP enough for their tireless efforts to make us a better organization on every level. Their focus on what matters and attention to detail helped us at the staff and project management level, and their Board support was incredibly valuable during a transitional period for the organization. We are so thankful for SVP’s guidance and commitment to who we wanted to be as a sector leader.

SVP’s Executive Director, Rose Greensides, notes:

I would like to thank the Partners of SVP Waterloo Region who have worked with Reception House. You have been instrumental in supporting improvements to Reception House’s internal communications and leadership processes, and have provided key guidance on governance and strategic projects. The skills we have shared and connections we’ve made continue to support our newest neighbours as they join our region.

While SVP’s financial support of Reception House has concluded, as an alumni investee, our door is open to the possibility of providing project-based support in the future. They also receive ongoing, free access to educational programming like our webinars.

We are incredibly grateful for the hard work that SVP Partners Barb Hill and Allyson Kroetsch (Lead Partners) as well as Jane Arnold (Lead Partner Mentor) put into managing the projects that SVP and Reception House undertook together, and are sending a special thank-you to Dave Kroetsch (SVP Partner) for the dedicated coaching he provided to Reception House’s senior leadership team. During our work together, a total of 14 Partners in our network volunteered to support various projects. Thank you, Partners!

If you have any questions, please reach out either to myself or SVP’s Executive Director, Rose Greensides.


Ginny Dybenko
Chair of the Board of Directors, Social Venture Partners Waterloo Region