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SVP Teens Receives A Gift

Posted by Rose Greensides


The photo includes Reception House’s CSS Coordinator Lynne Griffiths and Youth Worker Hser Ta Kay, and SVP Teens Chair Owen Martin.

Reception House says “Thank You” to the SVP Teens for their financial and on going support, by presenting the group with a beautiful mural painted by youth served by their organization. Reception House is an invaluable community resource, helping government assisted refugees settle in Waterloo Region for over 27 Years.

Reception House explains their Youth Mural Project:

The aim of the Youth Mural Project was to give refugee youth the opportunity to express themselves and their ideas through art, by creating group murals in a fun and enjoyable way. By participating in the mural project, the objectives were to enable youth to develop the following skills: learning basic drawing and painting; growth and self-expression; teamwork and group participation.

Based on the evaluation gathered from the participating youth, the feedback was very positive. One of the participants said “I had the time of my life”. All youth stated that they enjoyed participating in the project, meeting and making friends, expressing themselves through art work, and some said that they would have liked more time and would be interested in participate in future art-based activities.

In the end, and perhaps the most important outcome of the youth mural project, was that the youth had fun and enjoyed themselves, learned many useful and, for some new skills such as drawing, team building, decision making and time management, which can be transferred into their personal well-being and overall integration process in Canada.



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