Theory of Change

Engaged philanthropists should understand the strategy an organization uses to achieve change in order to assess the impact of their giving or volunteering for that effort. In the foundation of […]

Planning for Effective Engaged Philanthropy

Effective engaged philanthropy neither begins nor ends with writing a check; it requires research, self knowledge, authentic relationships, and prudent selection of the right vehicle to achieve the goal. While […]

SVPI Chicago Conference: The Giving Code 2.0

From the 2018 Summit session: The Giving Code: Mindsets and Approaches of New Donors Presenters: Heather McCleod Grant (Co-Founder and Managing Director at Open Impact) Exploring both the supply and demand side […]

8-Step Roadmap Presentation from The Philanthropy Workshop

From the 2018 Summit session: The Philanthropy Workshop: An 8-Step Roadmap Presenters: Tracy Mack Parker (Senior Advisor with The Philanthropy Workshop) Senior Advisor with The Philanthropy Workshop, Tracy Mack Parker will distill […]

SVP Model Comparison Slide

From the 2018 Global Summit session: Shifting to a Community Focus Presenters: Mark Holloway (Executive Director of SVP Portland), Mark Argosh (Executive Director at SVP Connecticut), Jamie Damsker (Partner at SVP Charleston) and Tim Schottman (CEO at SVPI) […]

SVP Portland Learning Lab Slide Deck

The deck of slides that SVP Portland staff used during SVPI’s Learning Lab to present the SVP Portland story of moving to their kindergarten readiness community goal.

Disparities in Multnomah County Kindergarten Readiness

A report that SVP Portland commissioned while establishing their community goal strategy. The report, researched and written by Portland State University researchers, documented disparities in kindergarten readiness and showed where […]

SVP Portland Policy Advocacy Task Force Recommendations

SVP Portland’s Policy/Advocacy Task Force met several times during Summer 2017. The purpose of the task force was (1) to understand the policy/advocacy landscape in Oregon, (2) gather information from […]