Organizational Identity Statement Template

A template that organizations can fill out as they are creating their organizational identity statement.

Organizational Identity Statement Example

An example of an organizational identity statement from SVP Seattle investee, Northwest SEED.

SVP Real-Time Strategic Planning Retreat Agenda

A generic agenda for a strategic planning retreat using Real-Time Strategic Planning principles.

SVP Tucson – Key Trends for Real-Time Strategic Planning Retreat

An example of the key trends research that SVP Tucson compiled in advance of their strategic planning retreat.

Real-Time Strategic Planning Organizational Identity Worksheets

A set of worksheets for SVP affiliates to use when preparing to do Real-Time Strategic Planning. The prework includes work to be done on mission statement, vision statement, impact, current geographic area, customers, programs, funding, competitors and partners, competitive advantage, and key trends.

Real-Time Strategic Planning Presentation Packet

A set of documents that describe real time strategic planning and includes an example identity statement, strategy screen, and strategic plan.

SVP Chicago Strategic Plan Executive Summary

SVP Chicago’s executive summary of their FY 2016-2018 strategic plan, including goals and major initiatives.

SVP Portland Key Performance Indicator Tracking

Key performance indicators for each of SVP Portland’s strategic objectives.