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From the 2018 Global Summit session:

Shifting to a Community Focus

Presenters: Mark Holloway (Executive Director of SVP Portland), Mark Argosh (Executive Director at SVP Connecticut), Jamie Damsker (Partner at SVP Charleston) and Tim Schottman (CEO at SVPI)

In this session facilitated by SVP International CEO, Tim Schottman, three leaders in the network articulate why being “community-centric” is so important in defining our vision, our impact, our strategies, and our values. They will also share perspectives on how being clear on desired impact can energize Affiliates and Partners, leading to greater growth and engagement.


Contribute to Lasting Global Change

Invest in a movement that amplifies the power of community leaders around the world. Moving money where and when it’s needed most pushes the needle for social change in a more holistic, impactful way.

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