Reimagine Awards

Recognizing movement leaders driving systems change

As part of our ongoing effort to reimagine giving, SVP International is proud to announce its inaugural Reimagine Awards! The Reimagine Awards will celebrate and amplify movement leaders around the world who are driving systems change and carrying a bold vision of how philanthropy can better support movements for justice. 

Do you know someone who is deeply committed to advancing social justice movements? Nominate them directly. We look forward to hearing their story.

Thanks to The Kellogg Foundation for their generous support of The Reimagine Awards.

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Who’s Eligible:

We are looking to connect with people who are:

Root Cause Driven

Dismantling unjust systems with the vision, organizing skills and relationships to drive intersectional change.


Viewing local and regional movement work through the lens of international systems change.


Dreaming of different ways to reimagine giving including individual donor philanthropy and the flow of capital around the world.


Spawning creative solutions in the areas of economic, climate, racial and gender justice.

Candidates for the Reimagine Awards must be nominated. Nominations must be submitted by Friday, May 26. People who have been nominated will be asked to fill out a short application by Friday, June 2. Awardees will be notified by June 30.

*Due to legal restrictions around the transfer of foreign funds and SVPI’s operational capacity, we cannot guarantee being able to send money directly to an awardee or their affiliated NPO. In such cases, we may invite an awardee to designate an eligible organization to receive the award money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Social Venture Partners International?

Social Venture Partners is a global movement of over 3,500 engaged donors, volunteers, and social change leaders. SVP International inspires our network of social-change advocates, frontline leaders, donors, strategists, and supporters to come together to reimagine giving.

How do I apply?

Recipients of the Reimagine Awards must be nominated. Those who are nominated will be emailed a short form to complete their application.

How do I nominate someone?

SVP affiliates and select movement leaders are invited to make nominations and we will invite those people by email to make nominations.

What do recipients of the Reimagine Award receive?

Awardees will receive a gift of up to $10,000 USD. SVPI will also be excited to share your story and your work on our social media platforms.

Are there limitations on the use of the award money?

The award money is meant to serve as unrestricted funds – you can use it as you wish. However, due to legal and operational restrictions related to the transfer of foreign funds, we may not be able to send money directly to the awardee or their affiliated organization. In those cases, we may invite an awardee to designate an eligible organization to receive the award money.

Are there expectations for award winners?

Winners of the Reimagine Awards may be interviewed or be invited to share photo or video content that we can use to celebrate and promote your work. We may also host an online gathering for all the award winners to meet one another and share about your work.

Contribute to Lasting Global Change

Invest in a movement that amplifies the power of community leaders around the world. Moving money where and when it’s needed most pushes the needle for social change in a more holistic, impactful way.

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