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SVP International

Mike Cadigan | Chair

Mike is the current board chair of SVP Seattle, where he has a great opportunity to demonstrate his leadership skills leading the 500-Partner affiliate forward during a period of CEO transition. Mike is a leader at SVP Seattle — and the network — in financial management best practices, leading the Finance Community of Practice. In his eight years as an SVP Partner he has served on the Grant Committee, and PGC (refunding) Committee.

Mike is the Managing Partner of CBMI group, where he has actively invested in and advised middle-market companies for 20 years. He has also served on the board of Boyer Children’s Clinic.

Personal Statement

Having served SVP Seattle in a number of roles over the past 8 years, and with the board chair role ending June 2018, I have started thinking about what is next on my SVP journey and where I can be of further value to SVP. In addition to my affiliate experiences I have attended network conferences and traveled to China, which has generated further interest in the SVP network and gained a broader view of the impact landscape.

Mike is new to the SVPI Board in January 2018.