Prasad Baji, SVP India

SVPI 10/04/2023
Partner Spotlight

Meet Prasad Baji, Mumbai Chapter Chair & Board Member of SVP India. Prasad got involved with SVP India in 2017 and has spent the last five years in the social sector after transitioning out of the corporate world. He currently acts as an advisor and philanthropist to social causes and organizations, as well as serving as the Treasurer for SVP India.

What inspired you to join SVP? What appealed to you about it?

In 2017, I was at a stage where I wanted to give back to society after my corporate career. A friend mentioned SVP’s model—I liked the peer community and the structured, empathetic model of giving. SVP resonates with my thinking of “social change enablement,” helping strengthen those already doing good work rather than reinventing the wheel. While the social change we enable is important, I find that knowing my help makes that change possible is equally fulfilling. This alignment with my values and purpose drew me to SVP.  

How would you describe SVP’s approach? What do you like about it?

I truly do think SVP is empathetic. It works to get into the shoes of NGOs, understand their pain points and challenges, and see how we can work together to solve the problems they aim to address. SVP provides a unique model where each individual contributes a bit, but there is collective power in the capital and expertise, which allows for a different level of engagement. This is not possible in typical individual or institutional philanthropy models. SVP is truly a platform of engaged philanthropy—the deepest sort of empathy possible for what NGOs are trying to achieve. 

What makes SVP an attractive partner for NGOs?

SVP offers flexible, long-term funding not tied to restrictive projects – and it comes with expertise, capacity building, and knowledge from partners. We have like-minded partners willing to help and walk together with NGOs to solve problems. The platform also provides networking, fundraising help, and more.

How has your view of philanthropy and giving back changed through being an SVP partner?

My own monetary giving has gone up multiple times and has become more widespread across causes. I have a much deeper sense of the philanthropy ecosystem now—what works, what doesn’t, where good work is happening. There has been a huge evolution across the years I have been involved in philanthropic giving, and it has been very satisfying to see. SVP itself is causing systemic change in individual philanthropy in India. With 500+ partners across cities (and growing all the time), SVP is becoming the go-to place that helps people shape their approach to giving. This is a lifelong journey for me. In philanthropy, there is no retirement.

How do you inspire your network to give back?

Your own journey should be genuine—sharing without an agenda, simply saying, “I’m doing this; can you walk with me?” That inspires people more than hard sells. Keep exploring different causes and ways to contribute beyond money—you can give time, expertise, and voice. That shows the variety of ways to give.

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