Allyson Kroetsch, SVP Waterloo

SVPI 04/16/2024
Partner Spotlight

Meet Allyson Kroetsch, a dedicated community leader who channels her passion for philanthropy and volunteerism through her work with Social Venture Partners Waterloo Region (SVPWR). As the incoming board chair, Allyson is excited to guide this SVP affiliate into its next phase of growth and impact.

We spoke with Allyson to learn more about her hands-on approach to engaged philanthropy.

How did you first get involved with SVP Waterloo Region?
My husband and I liked the concept of engaged philanthropy, as several friends had already gotten involved over the years. In 2019, we were introduced to Rose Greensides, the executive director of SVPWR. Rose invited me to become a co-lead partner, working alongside another partner with one of SVPWR’s investees. While balancing life with a young child at the time, I was impressed by the deeper level of work happening and decided to take on that role.

What has your journey with SVPWR looked like since then?
That first role in 2019 was my initial hands-on engagement with SVPWR. Then, in 2021, I joined the board of directors during an exciting time. I also ended up chairing our Perfect Pitch program in 2022 and 2024. I love that transformational process for participating nonprofits! Over the years, I’ve been a lead partner for three different investees, working closely with their organizations.

What are you most looking forward to as the incoming board chair?
We’re right in the midst of developing a new strategic plan, and there’s excitement around embracing bolder ideas. Our region is set for significant population growth, especially from newcomers to Canada. There will be critical social challenges to address. I’m eager to explore how we can be braver, grow our impact, and collaborate with other organizations working on those issues. The energy coming into the planning process is really inspiring.

How has SVPWR evolved its approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion?
It’s something we’re continuously working to weave through everything we do. Coming out of the pandemic, there’s a broader desire across the community to connect, support each other, and effectively direct resources to the right places. By being flexible with how partners engage through time, talent, or treasure contributions, we can open up to a more diverse group at different life stages. The timing has enabled our affiliate to really build those collaborative relationships that make our model work.

What advice would you give to someone who’s interested in getting involved with SVP?
The great thing about SVP is the ability to bring professional skills and experience to enable nonprofits to do more. By bridging the gap between the for-profit and nonprofit worlds, we can collaboratively develop solutions together. But it’s about more than just giving back – when you’re part of SVP, you really learn to understand the needs and challenges in the community. You come together with others who are passionate about making a difference. That power in numbers allows our collective efforts to have a multiplier effect.

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