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Help on Your Doorstep

Help on Your Doorstep (HOYD) works with over 2,000 residents of Islington per year, improving the health and wellbeing of people who are vulnerable and isolated. HOYD finds solutions to the issues which make life difficult, strengthens communities and enables people to improve their life chances. 

Case Study

Peter first found out about Help on Your Doorstep when they knocked on his door. Peter had accrued large debts as he had been unable to work due to a degenerative condition. He was very low and anxious due to his situation.  HOYD put Peter in touch with local services which helped him in a number of ways including access to legal support, adaptations to his home, getting a new bed to replace his old one (which had been stacked up on old milk crates) and helping him to claim disability benefits. For Peter, one of HOYD’s biggest merits was the fact that they were able to help him access support across his different areas of need and worked with him to create positive life changes. Rather than just telling him where to get help, HOYD contacted services on his behalf and continued to work with him to ensure that he got the help he needed, helping him to significantly improve his life.


Ken Kanu, Director of HOYD said, “The support we have received from the Social Ventures Partners London has helped us to continue providing advice to the most vulnerable and isolated Islington residents and also services such as our Good Neighbours scheme which creates community cohesion, resilience and fun! Thank you SVP London.”

Lisa Truchon, a SVP Partner commented, “HOYD is great – a unique, collaborative solution to an issue that permeates every council. It was a pleasure to work with them.”