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Sophie Kingsley: One Partner’s Story

Posted by london

Sophie was one of the first to join Social Venture Partners London (SVPL) after hearing that Fiona Halton was setting up a new organisation. Since selling her own business Sophie has been involved in the charity sector for many years. As a HR and business consultant she has worked with a wide range of blue chip companies and high profile charities. When Fiona told her about SVPL she was determined to get involved.

“SVPL is a win-win and a no brainer. Previously, I might have given, say, £5,000 to charity, but if you bring together 10 people they can make a huge difference,” she says.

“It really suits the City because the effect of SVPL is like a funders’ fund where you can participate in the very best ideas and get feedback about everything you do.”

As the chair of Fine Cell Work, a charity that teaches prisoners and ex-offenders how to sew and make money from their work, Sophie has seen how hard it is for charities to get the funding they need.

“What I enjoy about SVPL is meeting different charities and really getting to understand what the needs are in our local community and where we can have the greatest impact. At SVPL we work together to think through our funding decisions and that’s so important.”