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At SVP London we share your passion to make London a better city for all.

At SVP London we call our members ‘Partners’ as we work in partnership with each other and with local charities to create a fairer society. Our Partners come from all walks of life, from young professionals to experienced executives, to stay at home parents or retirees. As much as they are different, our Partners all share a passion for London and the desire to make it better. They know that, together, they can achieve a much higher impact.


If you are interested in becoming a Partner, please contact Cathy Hurst or simply sign up online!

Get in touch if you’d like to meet some of our current Partners, hear about their experience, and learn more about SVP London’s impact.


Joining SVP London will enable you to join a city-wide network of philanthropists, pooling resources and expertise to transform lives across London.
SVP London offers:
– Regular meetings to learn about the most pressing social issues in London from respected professionals working in the field
– A grant-making programme that the Partners direct, channelling funds to innovative and dynamic charities operating in London
– Opportunities to engage with selected London charities, helping to build their capacity through volunteering your skills, knowledge and professional expertise
– Workshops and peer learning opportunities to benefit from shared experiences and better practice in philanthropy.

SVP London Partners make a minimum contribution of £100 per month, but some Partners donate much more, depending on their financial circumstances. These donations are pooled to make grants to local charities chosen by the Partners, as well as funding our programming and operations.


SVP London Associate Partners are philanthropists who believe in creating a better London and would like to invest in the work of SVP London through a highly leveraged donation, but do not wish to attend meetings.
There is no minimum to become an SVP London Associate Partner. We highly value our Associate Partners, who are kept regularly up-to-date with the charities that SVP London supports and the impact it is making in London.