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bigBANG! 2018 Summary

Posted by SVP Dallas
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Enormous thanks to everyone who attended and supported bigBANG! 2018! This conference is an important gathering in our city, providing a meeting point and catalyst for social innovation. We are glad you could join us and appreciate your commitment to social impact. Photos of the event are here.

Thank you for being a part of the conversation, making ideas reality, and doing good better in North Texas.

Here are just a few highlights from this year’s bigBANG!:

    • VIP Reception, hosted at Polsinelli, was a wonderful start to what was going to be one of the best bigBANG! events yet.


    • Kimberly O’Neil led Day 1 as Emcee at Paul Quinn College. Her insightful and on-point guidance through the day contributed to a terrific event.


    • Hazami Barmada provided a great deal of insight and wisdom about social innovation and how we address the issues at hand. As we look at doing things to improve our community, she suggested we ask this question: “are we solving problems for people or with people?”


    • Vivek Sankaran and Jennifer Sampson talked to us about corporate responsibility for resilience and mobility and announced the launch of a joint project: Southern Dallas Thrives, a focused community initiative to help make meaningful improvements in the lives of Southern Dallas citizens.



    • Nadia Hardy charged all of us with the following:
      “To do more than what is asked or even required. To look for ways to positively impact and change the lives of those within our own community. The City of Dallas is a growing and vibrant City. However, we must take the time to address the issues that plague our communities such as mental health, financial literacy, homelessness, and workforce sustainability, with long-lasting solutions, not temporary fixes. Reach out and engage with the City and the various departments. We can work together to provide long-lasting efforts to positively impact our communities.”



    • Liz Cedillo-Pereira talked to us about creating a welcoming city through the #BeGolden campaign, reminding everyone to treat each other with respect and kindness. To learn more about #BeGolden and how it will help build a more welcoming community, find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at #BeGolden. And if you’d like to volunteer or bring the #BeGolden message to your organization, contact them at info@begoldenjourney.com.


    • Legacy of Philanthropy Luncheon Honorees Mayor Mike Rawlings, his wife Micki, and son Gunnar, candidly talked to us about being a family that is honest and focused on the community it is a part of.


    • Legacy of Philanthropy Luncheon Sponsor FWD>DFW invites all bigBANG! attendees to subscribe to their new philanthropic-minded publication. FWD>DFW is a forum that connects companies, causes, and the community with issues that impact the short- and long-term economic advancement of North Texas. Together with The Dallas Morning News, they curate articles and information about local education and wellness issues while offering ways you can take action and help. Subscribe to FWD>DFW here.


    • The afternoon session with Dr. Matthew Stewart, Dr. Michael Sorrell, and SVP Dallas’ Sean Caho discussed an article by Dr. Stewart, explored the growing divides in our communities, and how we might bridge them, The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy.



    • Day 2 of bigBANG!, hosted at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, was facilitated by Tynesia Boyea-Robinson, who asked us to carefully consider the impact our investments have, and to explore new ways that our capital might create social impact.


    • A panel facilitated by JD Dell of Big Path Capital explored different strategies successful impact investors are using to create change. The panel included Alex Lamb (New Summit Investments, LLC), Kyle Manley (Tiedemann Advisors), Michelle Dervan (ReThink Education), and Rugger Burke (Satori Capital).


  • The end of bigBANG! Day 2 hosted a fast pitch competition for a $25k investment from SVP Dallas. Three outstanding organizations presented – Abi Ferrin, ScholarMe, and On the Road Lending. The judges awarded On the Road Lending a the win! On the Road Lending provides clients with a way get out from under a bad situation, into a reliable car, and manage their credit.

Thank you again to all our sponsors who made the event possible.

Photos from bigBANG! can be seen here.