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SVP International

What We Do

What We Do

Social Venture Partners is a philanthropic network, but we do more than give away money. SVP helps those out to do good, do better – bringing together donors, nonprofits and social enterprises so we can make a greater collective impact.


SVP cultivates effective philanthropists, strengthens nonprofits, and invests in collaborative solutions – building powerful relationships to tackle our communities’ social challenges.


We aim to build a global movement of partners working in their communities to create a world where all people have the opportunity to lead productive and meaningful lives.


There are more than 40 SVP affiliate organizations in nine countries – and with over 3,400 partners, we are the largest network of engaged donors in the world. Each SVP invests in their local community, but is connected to the global movement woven together by SVP International.

SVP International strengthens, connects and amplifies the impact of SVP – with an eye to one central goal: By 2030, SVP’s principles and practices are globally recognized and emulated to achieve transformational change in philanthropists, leaders and communities.

To achieve this goal, SVP International focuses on five strategies:

  1. Strong affiliates – ensuring the SVP principles and practices are effectively employed for the greatest impact across the network
  2. Effective partners – providing learning opportunities and tools so philanthropists can reach their full potential
  3. Connected affiliates and partners – convening SVP affiliate staff and partners so they can grow from each other’s experiences
  4. Increased number of partners and affiliates – supporting emerging affiliates and partner recruitment efforts
  5. Influence within the global philanthropic and social impact sector – leading by example and disseminating tools and resources to transform philanthropy

Guiding Principles

Engaged Venture Philanthropy. SVP Partners invest time, expertise and money in nonprofits. They seek collaborative relationships with nonprofits that last for at least three years.

Entrepreneurial Spirit. Partners use innovative approaches to achieve leveraged results in their nonprofit partnerships and communities. They delegate decisions, resources, and authority to those closest to the work.

Philanthropic Education. Partners educate themselves and become informed, effective, lifetime philanthropists. Ongoing individual philanthropy is catalyzed through hands-on experience and education.

Community and Collaborative Action. Partners believe in the power of collective,  multi-stakeholder effort. They encourage and maintain highly participatory, Partner-driven organizations that use non-hierarchical communications and operating practices. SVPs support an open exchange of knowledge and lessons learned.

Mutual Respect. Partners respect the expertise of community nonprofit organizations. They form close working relationships with organizations where Social Venture Partners are mutually vested in the nonprofit’s success.

Accountability and Results. Partners are mutually accountable to each other, their nonprofit investees (grant recipients) and community. They achieve and document measurable results, both in their own work and through their nonprofit partnerships.

Photo by Gary Voth of SVP Partners Mark Holloway and Linda Springer.