SVP Arizona Manager of Partner Engagement Job Description

Manager of Partner Engagement and Education job description from a 2017 candidate search.

SVP Boulder County Membership Director Job Description

Membership Director job description from a 2015 candidate search.

Elements of a Great Executive Director – Board Chair Relationship

At a March 2013 meeting of SVP board chairs and executive directors (EDs), there was consensus that the board chair/ED relationship is a proxy for health of the organization. To that […]

SVP Seattle Annual Performance Review

Contains two forms: (1) the performance evaluation form, and (2) the annual goals form. SVP Seattle’s process is that each staff person writes their self evaluation in the first half of […]

SVP Portland Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal form that covers (1) general work habits, (2) performance in areas of key annual objectives, and (3) supervision of other employees. This form is intended to be […]

SVP Staff Salary and Benefits Report 2015

This report presents aggregate data on the SVP network staff’s salaries and benefits. SVPI collects and compiles this data annually to provide crucial information to SVP boards and executive directors […]

SV2 Self-Appraisal for Performance Review

The self-appraisal and professional development plan form used by SV2 during the performance review process. This form covers the following areas: (1) teamwork and leadership, (2)  self-management, (3) achievement towards […]

Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model

A handout from the 2016 Global Conference breakout session on high performing teams. Monique Breault was the presenter for this session.