Impact Data: Philanthropy Outcomes Infographic

This infographic illustrates the impact SVP has on our partners — inspiring them to give more, give more strategically and get more engaged in their community. It is based on […]

2016 SVP Capacity Building Outcomes Report

SVPI’s biennial report that measures across the network investee satisfaction with SVP; and time, money, and connections received by investees through partners.

2015 SVP Philanthropy Development Outcomes Report

SVPI’s biennial report that measures partner engagement and changes in the amount they give, how they give, and their community involvement.

Grant Committee Survey – 2017

Pre- and post-survey tools for grant committees to help SVPs evaluate the effectiveness of their philanthropy development strategies.

Grant Committee Survey Analysis Worksheet – 2017

Worksheets to assist with data analysis for the grant committee pre- and post-surveys.

Philanthropy Development Outcomes Survey Cover Letter Text – 2017

Sample language for SVPs to use when sending out the philanthropy development outcomes survey to partners.

Philanthropy Development Outcomes, Copy of Partner Survey Questions – 2017

Copy of  the complete SVP Philanthropy Development Outcomes Survey administered by SVP affiliates.

Philanthropy Outcomes Report Template without Grant Committee Survey – 2017

Sample language for SVPs to use when drafting their philanthropy outcomes report. This version does not include language to report on grant committee pre- and post-survey findings.