Personal Giving Values

Donors can make the greatest impact on the issues they care about by exploring their motivations for giving – dollars, time, skills, networks or influence – and by learning how […]

Nonprofit Capacity Building for Greater Impact

Capacity building involves the development of people, systems and resources that keep a nonprofit organization strong and able to successfully deliver its programs. A nonprofit with capacity is better able […]

8-Step Roadmap Presentation from The Philanthropy Workshop

From the 2018 Summit session: The Philanthropy Workshop: An 8-Step Roadmap Presenters: Tracy Mack Parker (Senior Advisor with The Philanthropy Workshop) Senior Advisor with The Philanthropy Workshop, Tracy Mack Parker will distill […]

2017 SVP Philanthropy Development Outcomes Report

SVPI’s biennial report that measures partner engagement and changes in the amount they give, how they give, and their community involvement.

SVP Portland Dollars Leveraged Calculations

How SVP Portland defines, collects data, and calculations “dollars leveraged” from their work and investments with community partners (investees).

SVP Portland Key Performance Indicators Tracking Tool

SVP Portland’s tool for tracking Key Peformance Indicators (KPIs).

SVP Portland Investee Data Template

The template that SVP Portland uses to collect data from community partners (investees) on an annual basis.

Becoming a Venture Philanthropist: A Study of the Socialization of Social Venture Partners (2009)

A research study that examined donor socialization in the SVP model. The results of the study provided strong evidence that partners being involved with SVP leads to significant learning, increased giving, […]