SVP Minnesota Due Diligence Scorecard

The scorecard that SVP Minnesota uses to evaluate each potential investee during the due diligence process.

SVP Minnesota Request for Proposal Rubric

Scoring criteria for SVP Minnesota’s RFP for potential investees.

SVP Cleveland Full Proposal Evaluation Process

The process that SVP Cleveland’s investement team undertakes to evaluate investee proposals, as well as the tools and forms used to assess finalists, and information about conducting site visits.

SVP Cleveland Full Proposal Application Form

SVP Cleveland’s full proposal application form that investee finalists complete during the investment process.

SVP Cleveland Round 1 Application Scoring Tool

The scoring tool that SVP Cleveland uses to evaluate investee applications received in round 1 of the investment process.

SVP Cleveland Round 1 Investee Application

A copy of the application SVP Cleveland’s uses in its first round of investee applications, prior to narrowing down to five finalists.

SV2 Cost Analysis

SV2 conducted a cost analysis to determine the cost of each of its programs, events, and how much the participation of each partner “cost” to the organization. This resource is […]

SVP Minnesota Financial Dashboard

Monthly financial dashboard used for board reporting purposes,and includes visual representations of revenue, expenses and balance sheet. This resource is only accessible to those affiliated with the SVP Network. If […]