SVP Minnesota Financial Policies and Procedures

Affiliate sample financial policies and procedures, approved by SVP Minnesota Board of Directors 2018.

Planning for Effective Engaged Philanthropy

Effective engaged philanthropy neither begins nor ends with writing a check; it requires research, self knowledge, authentic relationships, and prudent selection of the right vehicle to achieve the goal. While […]

SVP Dallas Partner & Prosper Corporate Partnership

A slide deck detailing the benefits, implementation, promotion, and case study for SVP Dallas’s Partner & Prosper corporate partnership program. JP Morgan Chase was the first participant in this program.

SVP Cleveland Personally-Significant Giving Model – SVPI Amped! Article

An article written for SVPI’s Amped! newsletter documents SVP Cleveland’s Personally-Significant Giving Model, a new partner contribution model.

SVP Minnesota Philanthropic Partner One-Pager

An overview document of SVP Minnesota’s Philanthropic Partner program, one of two corporate partner programs they run. The affiliate uses this document to conduct outreach with potential philanthropic partners.

SVP Minnesota Corporate Partner One-Pager

An overview document of SVP Minnesota’s Corporate Partner program. The affiliate uses this document to conduct outreach with potential corporate partners.

SVP Minnesota Typical Site Visit Agenda and Questions to Ask

A document outlining the typical agenda for a site visit, as well as questions to ask during the visit. This resource is helpful for members of the due diligence team […]

SVP Minnesota Site Visit and Final Evaluation

The form SVP Minnesota uses to evaluate a potential investee during a site visit.