SVPs Stepping Up for their Communities

SVPI 04/01/2020

SVP Affiliates across the network are working within their communities to create emergency response funds to support the nonprofit sector in connecting to the available resources. They are working hard to ensure that those who are most vulnerable among us in times of crisis have support structures in place. You can read more on their websites about the work happening in their communities.

SVP Waterloo Region partnered with other regional funders to support urgent and emerging community needs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. By uniting, they can share their skills and amplify their impact.

SVP Austin/Mission Capital have pooled together updates and resources to help safeguard employees, operations, and communities. The resource list contains a large collection of information on relief funds, community resources, technology resources, fundraising resources, and more for Austin and Central Texas.

SVP Vancouver is committed to doing everything possible to support their Investees in the non-profit community. They have created a COVID-19 Capacity Response Fund, and are offering Virtual Forum Discussions, Emergency Webinars, and coordinating community connection to reinforce a sense of solidarity and to pool their collective insights to help each other find resources and solutions for the challenges that lie ahead.

SVP Seattle is a partner of the COVID-19 Response Fund housed at Seattle Foundation. The Fund makes grants to nonprofits that are working on the frontlines to provide our region’s most vulnerable communities with emergency assistance, such as financial support, healthcare, and childcare.

SVP Cincinnati is working with Cincinnati Cares to let local donors know the impact of COVID-19 on their nonprofits in our community, and assisted SVP Tampa Bay in setting up their tool as well – thanks to Inspiring Service.

SVP Dallas and other North Texas foundations had a digital gathering to discuss how the local social impact community is responding to COVID-19. Watch the video on their website!

SVP Connecticut co-founding Partners Don Kendall & Ted Yang have teamed up as co-founders of the Connecticut COVID-19 Charity Connection (4-CT) to help bolster the resources available to support Connecticut’s frontline providers who are serving all areas impacted by the crisis.

Several other affiliates have pooled resources for their local communities and are sharing their learnings to meet the needs of the people they serve. This is not an exhaustive list of Affiliates doing COVID-19 response work around the network, if you have any other information to add, we’d be happy to add it our list.

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