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COVID-19 Capacity Response Fund


SVP Vancouver continues to engage in discussions with our current and alumni non-profit Capacity Grant recipients (Investees) to determine their needs. These 26 non-profits are working tirelessly to continue to provide critical support to at-risk children and youth and their families, and we are committed to helping them do it.

In April, SVP Vancouver disbursed over $150,000 in grants of up to $10,000 to 16 SVP Investees in order to help them cope with the challenges and new realities of providing services during COVID-19. 

Here are the key issues that non-profits have and continue to face.

The Challenge: Disruptions and Uncertainty 
Faced with an ever-increasing demand for their services, non-profits have experienced an overall disruption to their program delivery, operations, and typically predictable income streams. This has impacted their ability to sustain their staff and to deliver services to our community’s most vulnerable groups.

The Commitment: Capacity Now and in Future
The needs of non-profits and of the at-risk children and youth they serve will continue to evolve over the coming months as the social and economic impacts of prolonged physical distancing play out. 

Non-profit capacity—their ability to sustain their services now and in the future—is a struggle at the best of times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of capacity building is all the more clear.

As a capacity builder, SVP is committed to helping our Investees, and the broader non-profit community, weather the current storm and emerge on the other side with the strength to build a better a future. 

The Need: Financial Contributions 
Amidst the need to mobilize additional programming and new delivery systems to combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, non-profits have experienced:

  • Loss in revenues from cancelled fundraisers
  • Loss of revenues from earned income streams and social enterprise operations that have been limited or suspended
  • Loss of donated goods and services (see Backpack Buddies’ struggle) resulting in the need for money to replace in-kind items

These losses force non-profits to reduce their carrying costs and dip into their reserves (some have more than others), actions that jeopardize the long-term sustainability of their operations. What they need are unrestricted dollars to deploy where most needed. 

Fund Details: Priority and Disbursement
Our focus is non-profits that provide direct support to vulnerable children and youth, particularly: kids with disabilities, kids that are food insecure, youth at risk, and school kids now learning from home. SVP disbursed funds based on:

  1. Ability to provide immediate support to a vulnerable population
  2. Financial losses and the need to maintain operations

The Process: Getting Money to Non-Profits in Need
Launched in mid March, our campaign raised $100,000 IN ONE WEEK and another $56,000 in the week following. Funds were disbursed in April in the form of 16 grants of up to $10,000 to the following organizations: 

  • Backpack Buddies
  • BabyGoRound
  • Down Syndrome Resource Foundation
  • Environmental Youth Alliance
  • Fresh Roots
  • Growing Chefs!
  • KidSafe
  • Kinbrace Community Society
  • Learning Disabilities Society
  • Mom2Mom Child Poverty Initiative Society
  • Red Fox Healthy Living Society
  • The Asante Centre
  • Yo Bro Yo Girl Youth Initiative
  • Zero Ceiling Society

How You Can Help: Become a Partner
In this time of crisis, the need for capacity building and unrestricted funding in the non-profit sector has become clear. Many funders restrict money and resources to specific programs, limiting the ability of non-profits to shift funds to operations, overhead, or other programs as needed in order to innovate and adapt to changing circumstances—such as the unforeseen challenges that have arisen due to COVID-19.

For 20 years, SVP’s model of providing capacity building resources and expertise alongside unrestricted funding has enabled non-profits to focus on areas of urgent need or exciting potential and to pivot when necessary. If you’d like to be part of empowering the amazing work that Vancouver non-profits do to support at-risk children and youth, become an SVP Partner.




Thank you to the SVP Partners who donated to the COVID-19 Fund


Larry Achtemichuk

Moe Kermani and Sheila McFarland

Colby Richardson

Ann Mortifee

Jay Biskupski and Cathy Imrie

John and Sally Zaplatynsky

Bob and Elizabeth-Anne Armstrong

Sam Znaimer

Gina Ungaro

Jim and Deb Yeates (Raven Foundation)

Jim and Casey Fletcher (Fletcher Family Foundation)

Paul and Nicole Geyer

Greg and Elese Sullivan

Dan and Ursula Bowditch

David Rice and Janet Wood

Cathy Brown

Neil Duke

John Murphy and Leslie Lee

Bob and Brenda McGill

Judy Gale and Ken Spencer (SpencerCreo Foundation)

Hamlet, Salina, and Ara Abnousi