SVP Portland

SVP Portland brings professionals and organizations together in partnership to address community challenges. As venture philanthropists, we mobilize talent, money, and influence for investment in nonprofits and collaborations. Our current goal is to ensure that all children—regardless of ethnicity, wealth, religion, gender, or zip code—have access to high-quality, culturally-relevant early learning experiences.

Social Venture Partners (SVP) Portland connects Portlanders who want to build a better community. Together, we make enduring, structural change:

  • Our Investor Partners want to contribute to a more socially just Portland. They also want to know their donations make an impact, to share their expertise and leverage their influence along with giving cash.
  • Our Community Partners have the vision, knowledge and approaches to advance social justice and support those who need it most, but require more resources to achieve their goals.

Working together, we become Partners for Good.

SVP Investor Partners are engaged philanthropists. They are a multi-generational network of professionals, businesses, and foundations that contribute some combination of money, talent and influence to support SVP’s mission, goal and Community Partners. Each one commits in multiple ways that align with their abilities and intentions:

  • Money: Investor Partners pool their financial resources to achieve the greater collective impact than anyone can achieve alone.
  • Talent: They are accomplished professionals from diverse fields who may choose to invest their expertise for hands-on impact.
  • Influence: They leverage their connections to advance SVP’s goals and the address the needs of our Community Partners and initiatives.

If you’re interested in becoming an Investor Partner, a good first step is to contact us at 503.222.0114. We can sit down with you for a conversation about what Partnership entails and to explore if SVP is a good fit with your philanthropic aspirations. We can also connect you to other Partners and invite you to upcoming events to help build your understanding of what we’re all about.

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to join this audacious group of philanthropists, you can decide how you’d like to make your Investor Partnership contribution and begin exploring opportunities to engage.

The standard financial contribution amount for Investor Partnership is $5,000 per year*. Contributions can be made all at once or spread over time and may be made in a variety of ways, including checks, credit card, stocks, foundation/donor-advised funds, and company sponsorship/matching. Once you pledge your contribution, our staff will orient you to our community efforts and explore where you might like to engage. We invite you to learn more about becoming an SVP Portland partner.


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