New Board leadership team exemplifies global systems change focus

SVPI 03/17/2022

Incoming Board leadership & new members advance SVP International’s vision to reimagine giving

SVP International’s Board of Directors has elected a new Board leadership team: Mark Jankelson will serve as Chair of our Board of Directors, and Terra Winston, a newly appointed Board member, will serve as Board Vice Chair.

An SVP Partner and former Board Chair of SVP Melbourne (Australia), Mark has consistently brought a global perspective and a commitment to network governance to the Board of SVP International. Alongside him, Terra, who is a long-time Partner at SVP Chicago (USA), and a new member of the SVP International Board, brings deep expertise to the work of reimagining philanthropy to better serve those on the frontlines while ensuring mutual accountability and sharing and shifting power. We’re excited for Mark and Terra’s leadership to steward SVP International’s network strategy and global journey as we reimagine giving!

SVP International is also thrilled to welcome Adriana Loson-Ceballos, who joins Terra as a new Board member with a three-year term. Adriana brings expertise in philanthropic practices, engaging new voices in philanthropy and changing nonprofits to be more strategic and equitable. We’re also excited to have Madge Vasquez’s continued expertise as she starts her official full term.

Rounding out SVP International’s incoming Board leadership team are two leaders who will continue serving in their current roles: Secretary Kenji Hosokawa (SVP Tokyo, Japan) and Treasurer Sandra Hughes (SVP Cincinnati, USA). Additionally, Jennie (CJ) Arbogash will serve as Chair of the Nominations and Governance Committee.

“These exceptional leaders each bring deep experience to the movement we are building to reimagine giving,” SVP International CEO Sudha Nandagopal said. “As we update our work and values to align with movements for systemic change, our Board has begun to evolve, as well. This Board leadership team reflects our increasingly global focus, our focus on collective action, and our commitment to leading with justice, power-sharing, and transformative philanthropy.”

SVP International’s Board also extends a deep thank you to Board members Larry Fox and Sofia Michelakis, who are transitioning off the Board after completing two terms each. We are thrilled that they both will continue to offer their expertise to SVP International as emeritus Board members. Thank you for your years of service!


Our new Board members

Adriana Loson-Ceballos
Member, Board of Directors
SVP International

Adriana Loson-Ceballos’ career as a fundraiser began during the U.S. Great Recession over a decade ago and has grown through her participation and study of the social movements that have emerged over the same period. She has developed transnational fundraising and growth positioning strategies and plans for nonprofits seeking to diversify, grow, or adapt their revenue streams to the opportunities before them. 

Terra Winston
Vice Chair, Board of Directors
SVP International

A long-time Partner of SVP Chicago, Terra Winston, Principal of inTerract Consulting and Ringleader of inTerractions, joins SVP International’s Board at an important moment of transition. Terra has dedicated her life to helping her clients unleash the potential of each employee. She is a leadership consultant and executive coach with 20 years of internal and external business consulting experience. 

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