Network Resources

By working as a network, Affiliates gain resources that no one Affiliate can access alone.

Our network provides a library of resources and access to critical services that make your work more sustainable.

BoardSource and Board Support

SVP International provides Affiliates with BoardSource, a year-round Board support program that helps you set priorities with your board, support new board members, and use other leadership development tools. Reach out to for more information.

Fundraising and Partner Recruitment Tools

As a network, SVP International can secure funds from global philanthropies that are interested in international impact. We also provide tools that you can use to leverage local resources and partnerships:

  • Donor Trends Report: Read this report to see how donor behavior has changed during the pandemic and inform how you approach potential partners.
  • Donor Trends Video Briefing: Watch this presentation on donor trends from the Gates Foundation. Use the password “svpgivingusa” to access the video.


Operations Support

Our network provides discounts for Affiliates on critical services. Reach out to for more information on any of the following:


Use this best in-class CRM database to manage partner, donor, project, and investee data. Affiliates can also access admin support and implementation consulting at a discounted rate from Riel Consulting.

Retirement Funds

SVP International offers an umbrella Multiple Employer Retirement Plan (403b) so Affiliates can access a wide range of retirement savings, easy online account management, and support with required annual 5500 filings.

Enterprise Digital Tools

Access Survey Monkey and other powerful survey tools to get actionable insights.

Global Trademark Maintenance

Each year, we secure roughly $200k USD of legal services to maintain and protect a unified global brand and trademark for SVP Affiliates and the SVP network. Affiliates can access the brand framework, logo, typography and style guide here.

Non Profit Compensation Reports

Email to read the 2021 report from Candid, an organization who studies trends in non-profit salaries, spending and more from over 100,000 nonprofits.

Network Connectivity

SVP International hosts several communities of practice where you can network with and learn from your peers. Fill out this form if you are interested in joining one of the following groups:

  • Executive Director Community of Practice
  • Board Chair Community of Practice
  • Partners Community of Practice
  • Development Staff Community of Practice
  • Operations Staff Community of Practice

Contribute to Lasting Global Change

Invest in a movement that amplifies the power of community leaders around the world. Moving money where and when it’s needed most pushes the needle for social change in a more holistic, impactful way.

Fund Campaigns