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Making a better world in a better way—with equity.

For almost two decades, the drive to make the world a better place has fueled SVP. However, our understanding of how we—SVP’s Partners, board and staff—approach this work has evolved over time. We work hard to stay alert, learn, collaborate within the community, and expand our worldviews. In recent years, through workshops, conferences, discussion groups, self-guided reflection, and work with our grantees (Investees), many of us have been learning about the importance of equity—both to our work and to the many ways we each engage with the world around us.

At SVP’s 2018 Annual Partner Meeting, we discussed what impact we want our organization to have on ourselves, our Investees, and our community. We considered concentrating our energies on one focus area. Ultimately, the consensus was that our collective focus needs to be on equity if we are going to truly move the needle on making the world a better place for everyone. And so, we adopted an equity lens to actively, intentionally look inward and outward at who we are and all we do. Applying this lens is the starting point for organizational transformation. We are inviting the nonprofits we collaborate with, the communities they serve, and others trying to make the world more equitable to engage with us.

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