Mitti Café

SVPI 02/15/2023
Grantee Spotlight


SVP Bengaluru began its partnership with Mitti Café in 2018, when they were one café and three employees with disabilities. With the mentorship and grant support given by SVP Partners, Mitti has been able to scale its impact, providing opportunities for hundreds of people with disabilities (PWDs) in India.
SVP Bengaluru worked with community to:

  • Recognize that Mitti Café provides more than employment; it creates a space for customers to change their perception of people with disabilities.
  • Expand the program so Cafés were built in locations where they could confront stereotypes about the disabled, like office buildings and university campuses.
  • Grow Mitti Café from a single stall to a chain with locations in 16 buildings, including major banks, hospitals and tech companies.

SVP India raised $123,000 across seven cities to support Mitti Café.

Connect with SVP Bengaluru and learn more about their partnerships in India.
You can find the entire grantee story here on SVP India’s website.

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