Reimagining philanthropy depends on trust-based relationships – so how can we build and sustain them?

A critical element of reimagining philanthropy is rethinking how our relationships with each other build and share power. Successful collaboration to get to the root of persistent social challenges often relies on openness to learn from lived experiences, and willingness to walk alongside instead of leading from the front. As a part of our ongoing […]


We have the power to make systems change: A candid conversation with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal & Sudha Nandagopal

A note from SVP International Director of Network Learning, Rachel Sample: Taking a bird’s eye view keeps me inspired and resilient in our work toward bold systemic change. I’m always looking toward experts to expand my thinking, and this week I offer up this fireside chat between SVP International CEO, Sudha Nandagopal, and U.S. Congresswoman […]


Insight from Systems Change Leaders: Accept outcomes, pacing, and processes from the lived experience of BIPOC folks and communities

An interview series by SVP International Philanthropic Partnerships Manager, Naheed Jadavji Core to the work needed by funders as we reimagine giving is lifting up voices closest to the issues. As part of that work, we asked our inaugural Reimagine Fund awardees to share how donors and partners can work towards more equitable and accountable […]


Insight from Systems Change Leaders: How we can show up for frontline leaders

We lift up movement leaders as we reimagine giving. As part of that work, we asked our 2020 Reimagine Fund awardees to share how donors and partners can work towards a more equitable and accountable philanthropy. Brenda Shelton-Dunston, Executive Director of Philadelphia Black Women’s Health Alliance (PBWHA), highlights research that outlines current systemic barriers and […]


Insight from Systems Change Leaders: Why it’s time for philanthropy to reimagine giving

At SVP International, we work to disrupt philanthropy as usual. As part of that work, we invited awardees of the inaugural Reimagine Fund and other movement leaders to share how and why individual philanthropists can reimagine giving and shape our philanthropy to be a tool that enables solving problems at their root, and changing systems. […]


Collective momentum in 2021: Network stories, and more

We’re a year into this pandemic. I remember this time last year, as Seattle shut down and we faced so much uncertainty in our communities and in our daily lives. I’m reflecting on how this pandemic and the global racial and economic reckoning have radically altered the way we live, learn, work, give, and engage; […]

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