Call for nominations to join SVPI Board & Committees

SVPI 08/12/2021

Dear Network Friends and Partners,

As your new Chair of SVP International, it gives me immense pleasure to invite nominations to join the SVPI Board of Directors and its committees for three-year terms starting January 2022.

We are at a pivotal moment in our evolution as a network, and this is an excellent opportunity to be part of shaping the future of SVP International and our network around the globe.

Our new Theory of Change adopted by the Board in 2019 set the groundwork for SVP stepping up as a catalyst for moving resources to the major challenges of our time.

The pandemic and global events of 2020 showed us that SVP can and must do more to change systems and mobilize our own network of individual donors towards greater justice and impact. This time is profoundly shaping our understanding of what SVP can be, now and into the future. I’m proud of how our 3,400+ Partners and 40+ Affiliates stepped up during this time of great loss, upheaval, and uncertainty. We have much to build on.

As we look across our network — the world’s largest of engaged individual philanthropists — we see SVP Partners, Affiliates and Grantees asking, what is possible now that wasn’t before? How can we reimagine giving and share our collective power for more community impact, justice, and systemic change?

We are seeking nominations for both Board membership as well as various committees that we are establishing as we develop our work under a new shared-values umbrella of Reimagine Giving. 

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Who We Are Seeking

Historically, we have sought Board nominations from experienced Partners (donors) and SVP Affiliate Executive Directors. This time, in keeping with our shared values to reimagine giving and our updated network approach, we encourage nominations from a wide spectrum globally. In addition to Partners and Affiliate EDs, we seek leaders from Investees, philanthropic sector organizations, and other donor sector organizations.

We seek leaders who can bring with them the wisdom, experience, and expertise of the communities for which we work, as well as additional sector-wide context.

Our Board and Staff teams are in a time of significant change, given the pandemic interrupting our ability to gather in person. As we reevaluate the role of our Board and how we can best make impact, we encourage nominations from leaders who bring an emergent and entrepreneurial approach to this leadership opportunity.

No prior Board experience is required. What is important is your passion for the future we are building, the demonstrated ability to provide high-level strategy to guide our work, and a willingness to leverage your relationships, expertise, and networks on behalf of SVP International.

All Board members:

  • Give a personally significant contribution
  • Participate in fundraising
  • Are active champions for our CEO and staff team’s leadership
  • Serve as ambassadors for our Theory of Change and Reimagine Giving across the globe

Additionally, Board and Committee members serve as thought partners and strategic support to launching SVPs or for those experiencing leadership transitions. They also vote on the creation of new affiliates.

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The Nomination Process

If you’re interested, please nominate yourself. Or, if you know of someone who might be a fit, please encourage them to submit an application.

The closing date for submission of nominations is Wednesday, September 30, 2021.

To learn more about where we are currently and where we are positioned to go next, please review:

For more about this opportunity, please review:

If you have questions or have someone you’d like to encourage to nominate, feel free to reach out to us at Mark Jankelson, Chair of Nominating & Governance Committee Chair, myself, or a member of the committee will be in touch.

Thank you so much for all you do for SVP, philanthropy, and our communities.

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Warm regards,

Mike Cadigan
SVP International

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