Better together: Iterating on expansion

SVPI 12/21/2021
A note from SVP International Director of Network Learning, Rachel Sample:

We are committed to be alongside you as we reimagine giving, which means the SVP International team is also testing and trying innovative approaches to our work. Part of our role as the Network innovation and expansion hub is to strategically grow our global network of Affiliates. Our goal this year was to launch one new SVP Affiliate and we knew a traditional approach to expansion wouldn’t fit our values to share power. So, we experimented with a new Affiliate expansion process which leveraged a group of Network leaders to center a more inclusive expansion strategy. 

This group reviewed the Affiliate business planning documents, provided vital feedback to local leaders and collaborated to create cohesive program and organizational targets for our Launching SVP that align with our values of accountable and community-centered philanthropy. As we reimagine giving, this process is helping us learn what it means to open a new SVP informed by our own Network itself. This group created a more diverse and inclusive learning environment for our network to have a say in how we grow and deliver on the SVP model.

Process matters as we change our work. How we democratize our expansion is a vital testing ground to generate conversations about who we are and our impact globally.  Our goal was to encourage our Affiliates to invest in what our brand means, and ultimately what our brand does. We believe in the power of our collective vision and know that through shared leadership models, coalescing around our values and holding each other accountable we’ll get stronger and move further together.

Congratulations to SVP Austin, our newest Launching Member of the SVP Network.  We’re excited to keep learning together as we grow; especially as we grow with intention.

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