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In partnership with individual philanthropists, community leaders, social change organizations, movement leaders and our network of affiliates, SVP is working together to create stronger communities, locally and globally.

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SVP International’s Virtual Learning Labs

SVP Event

SVP International’s Virtual Learning Labs are an opportunity for SVP Partners and philanthropists across the sector to connect around the globe, learn about emerging trends in philanthropy and the social sector, and strategize and practice together on how we can reimagine giving to be more accountable and impact driven.
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Featured News & Stories

Why collective action is key to effecting systems change

Looking to have upstream and systems changing impact with philanthropy?

Hear from Social Venture Partners International’s CEO, Sudha Nandagopal and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations‘ CEO, Marcus Walton about the importance of collective action in effecting philanthropic systems change.
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Featured News & Stories

SVP Philadelphia’s Work in Context: Local and Global Impact


Jennifer Larkin, Managing Director at SVP Philadelphia, shares her thoughts on the importance of knowledge sharing across the globe and how SVP’s global network makes that possible.
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Featured News & Stories

Terra Winston

SVP Chicago Partner

Terra Winston is a member of the SVPI Board of Directors, a long-time partner of SVP Chicago, and Principal of inTerract Consulting and Ringleader of inTerractions. Originally from New Jersey, she’s lived in Chicago for 23 years and is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals.
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From Charity to Change

Too often, philanthropy focuses on symptoms over root causes, resulting in a stagnated flow of resources to the best solutions. SVP focuses on wealth sharing and power shifting, centered on communities and leaders institutional philanthropy has historically left out.

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The Power of Together

We’ve created a space for our partners to come together online to share stories, wins and a collective vision for the future. Read about what’s happening across the globe while learning how you can reimagine giving.

We look forward to building community with you online!

Sudha Nandagopal
Community Spotlight
It’s always been a question I’ve had: what is keeping some communities from being part of our organization? There is a lot of complexity around that. If there’s any solution, it’s more opportunities for people to engage in whatever ways feel right for them.
SVP Vancouver Board Member Marnie Goldenberg
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Our Global Playbook

Inspired by the good work of SVPs in our network, SVP International has co-created this playbook as part of an ongoing SVP-wide movement to create lasting, authentic, and true social, economic, and power-shifting change for the communities and people who need it the most.

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