Unveiling trust-based philanthropy: SVP Seattle’s journey to reimagine giving

SVPI 04/07/2023
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The essence of true philanthropy is here - Trusting the people doing the work

Pamela Oaks is a powerhouse and a trailblazer in trust-based philanthropy. As an African-American woman and grantmaker with the world’s wealthiest philanthropy, Pamela has seen the systemic bias and inequities of industry funding practices. She is the co-chair of SVP Seattle’s New Grants Committee, where she is leading the charge for a trust-based approach to changing the face of philanthropy. Pamela is dedicated to empowering Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)-led organizations and the communities they serve.

In her article, The Essence of True Philanthropy is Here – Trusting the People Doing the Work, Pamela explains a trust-based approach to reimagine giving and puts a spotlight on how SVP Seattle is prioritizing and practicing this approach to philanthropy.

A new chapter is opening now through SVP Seattle’s reimagined vision as a philanthropic community. Now we need every stakeholder to commit wholeheartedly and loudly to a new way of working. – Pamela Oaks, co-chair of SVP’s New Grants Committee, SVP Seattle Partner

Pamela’s article is a call to action for philanthropists to adopt a different approach to rebuilding trust and making a real difference. She reminds us that it’s an ongoing process of unlearning and learning and with our collective effort, we can be the catalysts for a bold new era of philanthropy.

Read more -> The essence of true philanthropy is here – Trusting the people doing the work, published March 30, 2023, by SVP Seattle.

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