Impact Investing Across the Network presentation

From the 2018 Global Summit session: Impact Investing in the SVP Network Presenters: Bill Brownell (Partner and Board Member at Silicon Valley Venture Fund and SVPI), Lisa Jones (Partner at Silicon Valley Venture Fund), Tasha Seitz (Partner and Board Member at SVP Chicago), John Thornborrow ( Partner and Board Member at Mission Capital), and David Lynn (Partner at SVP Sand Diego) SVPs will discuss emerging […]

SVP Dallas Partner & Prosper Corporate Partnership

A slide deck detailing the benefits, implementation, promotion, and case study for SVP Dallas’s Partner & Prosper corporate partnership program. JP Morgan Chase was the first participant in this program.

SVP Portland’s Journey Toward a Community-Focused Goal

In October 2017, Social Venture Partners International and SVP Portland co-hosted a two-day “Learning Lab” event to examine how SVP Portland organized around a shared community goal, and to impart knowledge and key learnings to other SVP affiliates thinking of taking on a focused community goal. This paper focuses on the three phases of SVP […]

SVP Portland Learning Lab Additional Readings

Additional resources and readings associated with the Learning Lab event co-hosted by SVPI and SVP Portland. These readings focus on collective action work and SVP Portland’s move towards a community-focused goal.

Disparities in Multnomah County Kindergarten Readiness

A report that SVP Portland commissioned while establishing their community goal strategy. The report, researched and written by Portland State University researchers, documented disparities in kindergarten readiness and showed where the system was failing.

SVP Portland Learning Lab Slide Deck

The deck of slides that SVP Portland staff used during SVPI’s Learning Lab to present the SVP Portland story of moving to their kindergarten readiness community goal.

SEED20 Guide for Nonprofit Participants, Coaches, and Student Ambassadors (2017)

SEED20 is SVP Charlotte’s Fast Pitch competition. This guide is for the individuals participating in the competition–nonprofits, coaches, and student ambassadors. The guide includes information on logistics, resources for developing a pitch, and schedule information on the SEED20 program.

SEED20 Coaching Session Guide (2017)

A guide for running the first coaching session of SEED20, SVP Charlotte’s Fast Pitch competition. The guide includes information on room preparation, an overview of running the session, and notes for the lead and timer.