SVP Minnesota Financial Policies and Procedures

Affiliate sample financial policies and procedures, approved by SVP Minnesota Board of Directors 2018.

Great Boards & Valuable Board Members

Nonprofit boards of directors are responsible for the strategies and financial health of the organizations they serve. While it is a significant responsibility, it can also be an amazing experience, giving people the opportunity to use their talents, skills, connections and ideas to help the organization meet its mission. High-functioning boards are essential to having […]

SVP Minnesota Board Self-Evaluation Tool

SVP Minnesota developed a board of directors self-evaluation tool for an investee. This tool incorporates two surveys designed to evaluate board performance and priority areas to focus on in the future: (1) a board team self-evaluation, and (2) an individual director self-evaluation.  This tool is meant to create an informed starting point for discussion among […]

Story of SVP Boulder County Becoming an Independent 501(c)(3)

A short case study focused on leadership in change management as SVP Boulder County moved to becoming a 501(c)(3).

SVP Minnesota Equity Team Charter

The charter governing SVP Minnesota’s Equity Team. This document includes the team’s purpose, responsibilities, and team/membership structure.

Elements of a Great Executive Director – Board Chair Relationship

At a March 2013 meeting of SVP board chairs and executive directors (EDs), there was consensus that the board chair/ED relationship is a proxy for health of the organization. To that end, they developed the following criteria for an outstanding ED – Chair relationship, with the implicit understanding that both were functioning well in their individual […]

SVP Portland Policy Advocacy Task Force Recommendations

SVP Portland’s Policy/Advocacy Task Force met several times during Summer 2017. The purpose of the task force was (1) to understand the policy/advocacy landscape in Oregon, (2) gather information from community partners and other community members about the best role for SVP in the policy and advocacy arena, and (3) make recommendations to the SVP […]

SVP Portland Policy/Advocacy Committee Charter

A document outlining SVP Portland’s Policy/Advocacy Committee’s purpose, responsibilities, membership and organization structure.