SEED20 Guide for Nonprofit Participants, Coaches, and Student Ambassadors (2017)

SEED20 is SVP Charlotte’s Fast Pitch competition. This guide is for the individuals participating in the competition–nonprofits, coaches, and student ambassadors. The guide includes information on logistics, resources for developing a pitch, and schedule information on the SEED20 program.

SEED20 Coaching Session Guide (2017)

A guide for running the first coaching session of SEED20, SVP Charlotte’s Fast Pitch competition. The guide includes information on room preparation, an overview of running the session, and notes for the lead and timer.

Pitch Competition Applicant Webinar Slidedeck (2017)

SVP Charlotte produced this slidedeck for a webinar for potential applicants to learn more about their 2018 pitch competition, SEED20.

SEED20 Strategic Visioning Project Report

A report highlighting the work and outcomes of a project SVP Charlotte undertook to examine its pitch competition, SEED20, and identify opportunities to increase its impact and ensure the sustainability of the program. The report identifies eight areas that SVP will work on in the future to sustain and deepen the impact of SEED20.

SVP Sacramento Fast Pitch Nonprofit Application Scoring Instructions

Instructions for scoring 2017 Fast Pitch applications, including some helpful information around what makes nonprofit programs compelling or innovative, and how to score impact measurement and quantitative outcomes.

SVP Sacramento Fast Pitch Application

The application for nonprofits to participate in the 2017 Fast Pitch program. The application lays out the benefits in participating, eligibility requirements, timeline and events, and application questions.

SVP Fast-Pitch Best Practices Guide

SVP San Diego partner, Marty Goodman, produced this document to give SVPs a high level overview of how to plan a new, or enhance an existing fast pitch program at an SVP affiliate. Topics covered in this guide include: program objectives, venue selection, budgeting, sponsorships, judging, mentors, and other program considerations.

SVP Sacramento Fast Pitch Coach Guide

The coach guide used by SVP Sacramento for their 2017 Fast Pitch program. The guide contains process information, expectations for coaches and nonprofit participants, and tools available for coaches.