SVP Arizona Recruiting Campaign Resources

Materials from Arizona’s recruitment campaign, including: Training Manual Checklist Fact Sheet and Timeline Kick-Off Slides Summary

SVP Seattle Prospective Partner Recruiting Process – Job Descriptions

Job descriptions for each role involved in the prospective partner recruiting process. These roles include host, emcee, steward, and notetaker.

SVP Seattle Stewardship Report Example

An excerpt from a report that SVP Seattle uses to manage the stewardship process for prospective partner recruitment.

SVP Boulder County Membership Campaign Training Materials

A training presentation used to educate current partners on the membership campaign, including process steps, events, and how to have a conversation with a prospect.

SVP Boulder County New Partner Agreement

Agreement form that a individual completes to become a partner at SVP Boulder County.

SVP Seattle Sample Letters to Prospects

Sample text for letters to prospective partners inviting them to events and follow-up for those individuals who RSVPed for events, but did not attend.

Rethinking Recruiting Breakout Session Presentation

A slidedeck used during the Rethinking Recruiting breakout session at the 2016 SVP Global Conference. This session featured speakers from SVP Arizona, SVP Tokyo, SVP Charlotte, SVP Seattle, and SVP San Diego discussing partner recruitment efforts.

SVP Seattle Letter to Partners to be Ambassadors

Sample text for a letter to SVP partners to be SVP Ambassadors to help recruit new partners. SVP Seattle began an Ambassador program in 2011 in an effort to increase its partnership.