SVP Portland Lead Coach Role and Responsibilities

Job description and responsibilities for the lead coach at SVP Portland, which liaises between the lead partners, SVP office, Board of Directors and investment committee.

SV2 Lead Partner Report

A report form for lead partners to use to document strengths, challenges, accomplishments and lessons learned over the year in their capacity building work with grantees/investees.

SVP Minnesota Lead Partner Capacity Building Annual Milestones

A chart listing capacity building milestones for SVP Minnesota lead partners broken down by year 1 and year 2 and beyond.

SVP Minnesota Lead Partner Position Profile

A position description of the lead partner role at SVP Minnesota. The document includes a description of the key responsibilities; specific duties; desired skills, attributes and experiences; support provided; and desired outcomes.

SVP Vancouver Lead Partner Guide

The lead partner guide contains information about the four main responsibilities of the role, as well as helpful tips.

SVP Boulder County Lead Partner Resource Guide (2017)

A resource guide for lead partners to do their capacity building work with investees. This resource guide includes sections on lead partner responsibilities, tools, and tasks, theories for conducting the work, and lessons learned around capacity building work.

Annual Workplan Template

A template for an annual workplan for lead partners to use in their capacity building work with investees.

Lead Partner Learnings Template

A template for lead partners to use to document and memorialize their work with an investee, including sections for insights, things that worked and didn’t work, and steps and tools used.