SVP Chicago

Social Venture Partners Chicago is a partnership of philanthropically-minded individuals striving to make a significant impact on the lives of those in our community. We take an engaged philanthropy approach to funding innovative and scalable nonprofits and we strengthen the impact of our dollars through volunteering our time, expertise and network connections in support of the mission.

SVP Chicago strives to identify and support the most promising social entrepreneurs who bring innovative approaches to their work and can make a meaningful impact on the men, women and children facing society’s toughest challenges. Through multi-year, unrestricted financial commitments and capacity building investments, we support organizations that are small but proven and ready to scale their impact.

SVP Chicago is a partnership for giving. Our partners pool annual contributions of $5,000+ each to make a bigger, more meaningful impact than any of us could make on our own. SVP Chicago partners all share an interest in creating lasting social impact in our community. Together, the partnership spans many professions, ages, and interest areas. That diversity is one of the sources of our strength. We invite you to learn more about becoming an SVP Chicago partner.


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Invest in a movement that amplifies the power of community leaders around the world. Moving money where and when it’s needed most pushes the needle for social change in a more holistic, impactful way.

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