Donor Organizing/Education Sector Survey

Performed in 2020, this report benchmarks the SVP Network against other donor organization and education entities.

Going Beyond Giving – The Philanthropy Workshop

The Philanthropy Workshop, with funding from the Raikes Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, commissioned research to understand the experiences, practices, and behaviors of high and ultra-high net worth philanthropists, including a survey to over 200 individuals. This report captures highlights from this study.

The Future of Foundation Philanthropy – The Center for Effective Philanthropy

The Center for Effective Philanthropy  surveyed and interviewed foundation CEOs in an effort to understand what foundation leaders have to say about the changing landscape in which they work—and about the future of foundation philanthropy. This report highlights findings from this research.

Impact-Driven Philanthropy – Raikes Foundation

This document highlights the core beliefs behind impact-driven philanthropy, developed by the Raikes Foundation, The Philanthropy Workshop, Social Venture Partners, and Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society.

Catalytic Philanthropy (2009)

A Stanford Social Innovation Review article written by Mark R. Kramer, on a new approach to philanthropy that catalyzes social change.

SVP Portland’s Journey Toward a Community-Focused Goal

In October 2017, Social Venture Partners International and SVP Portland co-hosted a two-day “Learning Lab” event to examine how SVP Portland organized around a shared community goal, and to impart knowledge and key learnings to other SVP affiliates thinking of taking on a focused community goal. This paper focuses on the three phases of SVP […]

2017 SVP Philanthropy Development Outcomes Report

SVPI’s biennial report that measures partner engagement and changes in the amount they give, how they give, and their community involvement.

Elements of a Great Executive Director – Board Chair Relationship

At a March 2013 meeting of SVP board chairs and executive directors (EDs), there was consensus that the board chair/ED relationship is a proxy for health of the organization. To that end, they developed the following criteria for an outstanding ED – Chair relationship, with the implicit understanding that both were functioning well in their individual […]