Donor Trends Report

Read this report to see how donor behavior has changed during the pandemic and inform how you approach potential partners.

Stories of Change and Impact

Our network-wide report, “Stories of Change and Impact: A Network Approach to Reimagine Giving?” shares stories that promote our values and the way each is changing philanthropy, demonstrating how we reimagine giving.

Donor Organizing/Education Sector Survey

Performed in 2020, this report benchmarks the SVP Network against other donor organization and education entities.

SVP International Donor Trends COVID-19

Individual donors across the world are concerned about COVID-19’s impact on communities andcollectively have the potential to make a huge impact—in the U.S. individuals contributeapproximately two thirds of total philanthropic […]

2018 Network Data

This data was collected from affiliate staff members between June and September of 2019. Thirty-two of fourty-three network affiliates submitted data. Seven Indian affiliates and two Chinese affiliates aggregated their […]

2019 Member Services Report

In September of 2019, SVPI presented findings from the report in the Member Services Webinar. You can view a recording of the webinar below.

Catalytic Philanthropy (2009)

A Stanford Social Innovation Review article written by Mark R. Kramer, on a new approach to philanthropy that catalyzes social change.

Impact-Driven Philanthropy – Raikes Foundation

This document highlights the core beliefs behind impact-driven philanthropy, developed by the Raikes Foundation, The Philanthropy Workshop, Social Venture Partners, and Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society.