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Sudha Nandagopal, New SVPI CEO

Social Venture Partners International is proud to announce long-time progressive movement strategist, racial [...] Read More »

The New Faces of Change

In September I introduced you to 9 exemplary individuals, SVP leaders from across the network who are dedicated to helping SVP International carry our global movement forward. Today, I'm proud to announce the election results. Read More »

Summit Keynote Speaker Announced!

Philanthropic sector game-changer Dr. Gail C. Christoper just became our first-confirmed keynote speaker at next spring's SVP Global Summit. Learn more about her and get ready for the kickoff — early bird registration opens next week! Read More »

SVP + Giving Compass

SVP International has partnered with Giving Compass, a new technology powering impact philanthropy everywhere, thanks to a catalytic grant from our friends at the Raikes Foundation. Giving Compass is a first-of-its-kind portal that makes smarter philanthropy easier Read More »

The Network Now — Animated

SVP is all about S T R E T C H: ever moving, ever growing, ever evolving to become the most impactful network on the planet. Why shouldn't your SVP collateral be the same? Read More »

Boost Your Board! SVP + BoardSource

When BoardSource approached SVPI about an organizational membership, the relationship made perfect sense. BoardSource is the recognized leader in nonprofit board leadership and governance, and the organization supports, trains, and educates nonprofit leaders from Read More »

SVP’s How | Our Unique Value Proposition

SVP celebrates innovation, and a number number of our affiliates have shown us what focusing on unique strengths can accomplish. SVP’s unique value proposition is strongest when it includes all of these three components. Read More »

SVP Multiplier Effect

Every other year, SVP Investees are invited to evaluate SVP through a confidential survey. The results highlight the powerful SVP multiplier effect -- turning $1.9 million in grants into $5.1 million of support.

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SVP Resource Center Launched!

With 40+ SVP affiliate organizations around the world there are a ton of opportunities for cross-network exchange – which is exactly why SVPI launched our brand new resource center! With adaptable brochure templates, sample financial dashboards, tried and true HR practices – and so much more – there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.

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SVPI Team Welcomes Cathy Lehman

SVP International is delighted to welcome our new director of programs and operations, Cathy Lehman! Cathy comes to SVPI with rich experience in training, operations, leading teams and working with a broad set of constituents. Find out more about Cathy's career, her theme song and the kitchen appliance she can't live without below.

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Better Teams for Deeper Impact

A lot of us describe our SVP affiliate as a family. It comes with the territory. Close community is essential to the SVP experience, and we carry that into our daily operations. What if I told you there was a tool to help you build a high-performing team based on how we interact with each other?

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Redefining ‘Partnership’ at SVP Vancouver

What do you do when your partners have all the skills of running a great business, but are missing a key ingredient to sustainably scale a nonprofit? At SVP Vancouver, 'shared services' were the answer. Enter Fundraising Trainer Amanda Burrows.

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New SVP Faces Around the Globe!

In November we introduced 20 new SVP staff members at 18 affiliates. Today, a whopping 16 more! As I write, this group of newcomers are energizing their 12 affiliates with fresh talent, skills and prowess. Rawr.

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Notes from India: Think 10-Fold

Naren cited an Indian proverb: “Inside every seed there is a forest.” His paradigm for every individual, every investee is: How do we help it grow? Across SVP affiliates I observed this same strong belief in the worth and potential of every human, regardless of caste, gender, education or level of poverty.

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The Anti-Retirement

“I didn’t have a philanthropic bone in my body,” says SVP Portland Partner Larry Fox. “And when I retired, my goal was to squeeze every ounce of self-indulgence that I could endure. Then, one night when I was going to bed, I pulled back the sheets and I thought – I was just here. And I have nothing to show for it.”

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There is Always Something to Give

While Harriet talked across the table, Priscilla Hill-Ardoin pulled the book toward her and began to read the first pages. She was jolted. "There is a reason, a power, in why they all said something like can’t not do. These people have found a cause that grabbed them and won’t let go," she read. Before the end of lunch, she committed to being one of SVP San Antonio's first partners.

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Hotdiggity, 20 New Staff around the World!

In the past six months, at least 20 new staff members have joined the network, from communications managers to altogether new EDs starting new affiliates! Hotdiggity, that’s bonafidedly fabulous! (Okay, I don’t even know what that means. Its noise, people. I’m making happy noise!)

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Our Reigning Ping Pong Champions! And Other Global Conference News …

Okay, so we didn’t officially keep score, but Dan Tisch and Dara Parker sure LOOK like they’re laying down some solid Canadian backspins, chops and drop shots. (And Dan was no slouch in the Skee-Ball lanes either!) Over many rounds of games and beers our global SVP family laughed, reconnected and kicked off an incredible two days of learning and inspiration.

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Ordering a Cake and Restricting it Too

Two weeks ago I was out to lunch with a potential new corporate sponsor, who got very excited about a program we did a while ago, where we provided computer training classes in Vietnamese to parents so that they could learn to check their kids’ grades online through Seattle Public Schools’ Source program.

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Who Will Be There: SVP Global Conference

Every year, 200+ people gather for the SVP Global Conference. Meet (and learn some little known facts about) just a few of our 2016 attendees, like Margi Olson who served as the Dean of Business and the McCallum Graduate School at Bentley University in Boston.

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Global Conference Sparks Fast Pitch Fire

When SVP Arizona Executive Director Terri Wogan-Calderon attended SVP LA’s Fast Pitch in 2009, she recognized immediately this was something she had to share with the folks back home. As it turns out, Arizona wasn’t the only affiliate who caught the Fast Pitch bug at the conference.

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SVP Network Office welcomes new CEO, Tim Schottman!

The SVP Network Office is thrilled to announce our new Chief Executive Officer, Tim Schottman. With more than three decades of executive experience in building global networks and developing leaders across cultures – plus seven active years as an SVP partner – Tim is uniquely suited for the job.

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The exodus of empowerment

I had interrupted their normal session and each student occupied different corners of the room, their books and notes sprawled across work tables. Sitting in a lone seat at the front of the class, I was acutely aware of the uncomfortable distance between us.

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Reinvent the wheel no more: introducing SVP Knowledge Manager Sarabeth Zemel

From the beginning, Sarabeth found a home in helping others help their communities. She has worked in the public health and nonprofit sectors for many years and was most recently involved in creating on an online tool that allowed Medicaid agencies, health insurance exchanges and public health departments connect and share resources. Learn how her journey began after a brief but alarming brush with ill health.

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Telling stories that matter: SVP welcomes staff writer, Cecilia Garza

Newspapers are a permanent fixture on the Garza kitchen table – whether piled high in one corner or sprawled across the top as Cecilia's mom and dad trade sections back and forth. “My parents are religious news junkies,” explains Cecilia with a smile. “Usually clearing the table for food meant clearing it of newspapers … and seeing stories cover a kitchen table – it made an impression on me.”

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SVP’s new graphic designer, Michael Castle connects a visual mind to an entrepreneurial spirit

Michael Castle's need to bridge his creative mind with his inner problem solver pulled him onto several different career paths, from a three-year stint in Japan as an apprentice to a renowned sculptor to founding his own B2B business in Chinese Medicine. Fortunately for us, it’s these traits that brought Michael to SVP’s doorstep.

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