Dynamic Collaborations for Meaningful Growth with SVP Boulder County

SVPI 06/03/2024
Affiliate Spotlight

Joshua Silberstein, SVP Boulder County

Meet Joshua Silberstein, CEO of Social Venture Partners Boulder County (SVP Boulder County). With a background in nonprofit leadership, Josh is passionate about facilitating vibrant community partnerships between the for-profit sector, government entities, community advocates, and nonprofit organizations.

We sat down with Josh to learn more about his role in advocating for the SVP model, a recent grant from Fidelity, maximizing impact in Boulder County, and how SVP approaches key community issues.

How does SVP Boulder approach and implement systems change within the community?

Through our volunteers and grants to local nonprofits, we serve as capacity builders, creating a stronger and more resilient nonprofit community. We are building trust in the community so that we can help address some of the more endemic challenges that our community members and neighbors face.

What are the primary challenges that SVP Boulder is actively working to address and alleviate?

As with most communities, we are seeing that food insecurity, access to early childhood education, and housing are all forces that press on each other, and many families have to make hard decisions that affect their ability to be healthy and thrive. A group of our dedicated Partners have been studying this issue in Boulder County and have begun working with organizations to identify the field catalysts that can help bridge the gaps in support.

How does the SVP model drive collaboration and innovation? 

I passionately believe vibrant communities are achieved through dynamic collaborations between the for-profit sector, government entities, community advocates, and nonprofit leaders. The SVP model facilitates that exactly. By combining the expertise and perspectives across sectors, we ignite greater creativity and innovation.

What are your plans for the recent Fidelity grant funding? 

The Fidelity grant is an investment in SVP’s ability to be a catalyst that can help sustain and grow the nonprofit ecosystem. With this grant, we can increase awareness and attract more partners. With more partners, we can build capacity and grant more funds to address interconnected issues like food security, early childhood education, and housing.

Some funding will go towards marketing, videography about our work, sponsoring events with groups like the Latino Chamber of Commerce, and expanding our ‘Nonprofit Spotlight’ series showcasing community nonprofits. We’ll also fully expand our ‘Creating Connections’ program, which brings together partners, nonprofits, government, and philanthropists bi-monthly.

What motivates you in this work? 

I love our community and want our county to be an example of how we can work together to decrease the endemic challenges many neighbors face, especially with rising housing costs and less affordable early childhood education. Our school district has 33,000 students, and 770 have no consistent housing—that’s 770 too many. My inspiration is to support the structures and organizations that help those who need it most.

What future growth areas are you most excited about for SVP Boulder County?

I’m energized by the prospect of continuing to expand our partner base. As our collective resources and expertise grow, so does our potential to catalyze significant positive change for Boulder County’s most vital causes. I’m also eager to keep cultivating relationships with other affiliates globally to collaborate and share learnings across the network.

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