It’s Not Your Money Podcast: Sudha Nandagopal of Social Venture Partners

In this episode of “It’s Not Your Money,” Capital Collaborative Senior Advisor Jessamyn Shams-Lau talks with Social Venture Partners International’s Sudha Nandagopal to discuss what ‘democratizing power’ actually means, latent pockets of power in philanthropy, and Sudha’s unusual and bold LinkedIn profile.

Philanthropic Learning

Sudha Nandagopal at We Give Summit “Wealth and Power Sharing: A Candid Conversation with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal”

A note from SVP International Director of Network Learning, Rachel Sample: Taking a bird’s eye view keeps me inspired and resilient in our work toward bold systemic change. I’m always looking toward experts to expand my thinking, and this week I offer up this fireside chat between SVP International CEO, Sudha Nandagopal, and U.S. Congresswoman Pramila […]



MEASURE’s mission is to use data and education to mobilize communities and eliminate social disparities. The organization serves and empowers members of underrepresented communities, including Black girls and women nationally, nonprofits that serve people of color, and marginalized communities across Central Texas.

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Higher Ground

Higher Ground is the lead agency for developing Smart Schools (formerly known as Community Schools) in the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) and Sunnyside Unified School District (SUSD), the two largest and under-resourced districts in Tucson.

Grantee Spotlight

Reimagining philanthropy depends on trust-based relationships – so how can we build and sustain them?

A critical element of reimagining philanthropy is rethinking how our relationships with each other build and share power. Successful collaboration to get to the root of persistent social challenges often relies on openness to learn from lived experiences, and willingness to walk alongside instead of leading from the front. As a part of our ongoing […]


Creative Access to Capital: How Nonprofits Can Use Direct Public Offerings

If you’re interested in unlocking capital and a more creative approach to fundraising, you’re not alone. Access to pliable capital, to be used for general operations and research and development projects is key if nonprofits want to stay nimble and responsive in a changing world.  Perhaps it’s time to expand the way we engage with […]


Raikes Foundation Shows Power Sharing is Key to Building a Movement

Philanthropy needs to do more than direct funds to organizations doing good work. Our power also lies in how we educate and amplify the important impact and lessons from movements we support. When we convene networks, we can increase the impact of our work by lifting up community leaders. Recently, the Raikes Foundation shared power […]


Different Roads to the Same Destination: Scaling Shared Values instead of Methods. (PART 3)

At SVP,  a set of shared values helps Affiliates connect and align around our global network. The final part of this series explores how Affiliates across the globe can use the value of collective action to reimagine giving and show by example how to leverage our collective network of philanthropists This part 3 of our Scaling […]