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Notes from India: Think 10-Fold

Naren cited an Indian proverb: “Inside every seed there is a forest.” His paradigm for every individual, every investee is: How do we help it grow? Across SVP affiliates I observed this same strong belief in the worth and potential of every human, regardless of caste, gender, education or level of poverty.

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SVPI is Hiring a Director of Programs & Operations

SVPI is hiring an entrepreneurial, strategic, relationship-builder to join our senior leadership team as the Director of Programs and Operations. This position offers the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the field of philanthropy by engaging donors around the world and overseeing the operations of a growth-oriented and ambitious organization.

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The Anti-Retirement

“I didn’t have a philanthropic bone in my body,” says SVP Portland Partner Larry Fox. “And when I retired, my goal was to squeeze every ounce of self-indulgence that I could endure. Then, one night when I was going to bed, I pulled back the sheets and I thought – I was just here. And I have nothing to show for it.”

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There is Always Something to Give

While Harriet talked across the table, Priscilla Hill-Ardoin pulled the book toward her and began to read the first pages. She was jolted. "There is a reason, a power, in why they all said something like can’t not do. These people have found a cause that grabbed them and won’t let go," she read. Before the end of lunch, she committed to being one of SVP San Antonio's first partners.

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Hotdiggity, 20 New Staff around the World!

In the past six months, at least 20 new staff members have joined the network, from communications managers to altogether new EDs starting new affiliates! Hotdiggity, that’s bonafidedly fabulous! (Okay, I don’t even know what that means. Its noise, people. I’m making happy noise!)

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Our Reigning Ping Pong Champions! And Other Global Conference News …

Okay, so we didn’t officially keep score, but Dan Tisch and Dara Parker sure LOOK like they’re laying down some solid Canadian backspins, chops and drop shots. (And Dan was no slouch in the Skee-Ball lanes either!) Over many rounds of games and beers our global SVP family laughed, reconnected and kicked off an incredible two days of learning and inspiration.

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Who Will Be There: SVP Global Conference

Prior to retirement, Margi Olson served as the Dean of Business and the McCallum Graduate School at Bentley University in Boston. Today, she is a SVP Boston Partner and founding partner at SVP Melbourne. Joan Parker is the president and CEO of Counterpart International, an organization that builds the capacity of emerging leaders, nonprofits and social sector networks so they can create the solutions their communities need. These are just a couple of the people in the SVP community already registered for this year's conference. Read More »

Global Conference Sparks Fast Pitch Fire

When SVP Arizona Executive Director Terri Wogan-Calderon attended SVP LA’s Fast Pitch in 2009, she recognized immediately this was something she had to share with the folks back home. The following year, she brought a handful of Arizona partners with her to the 2010 SVP Global Conference where LA would showcase the competition to the rest of the SVP community. As it turns out, Arizona wasn’t the only affiliate who caught the Fast Pitch bug at the conference.

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