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We know there’s a lot off-course in our community and our world. We also know that there are people out there with the desire and ability to make it better. We see it, and we call it POTENTIAL.

The strength of SVP Portland comes from diverse perspectives united for a common goal. Individual Investor Partners play various roles in our mission and pursue a broad spectrum of engagement levels, often committing to personal “stretch goals” for their giving and volunteering. When it comes to volunteering, some individuals have 10 hours a week to engage, others have 10 hours a month and still others 10 hours in fits and spurts. Some never have an hour to give and that’s fine too. We’re a strictly “guilt-free” organization but prize the expertise when it’s offered and the follow-through that is a core value of our Partnership.


Get a better feel for the range and passions of our Investor Partners by reading their reasons for joining: Meet some Investor Partners


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