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Ron Eiseman

What is your profession? How do you spend your days?
I have a finance / accounting (CPA) background.  I have recently retired, most recently from a 12 year career originating residential mortgages for 2 Portland area banks.

What has inspired you to be an engaged philanthropist?
I have always felt it important to give back to the community (as I derive benefits from the community).  I have always been involved in various nonprofits throughout my career and have continued that now.

What do you want to accomplish in your next decade? 
I hope to continue to make contributions to others to improve lives, at this time focusing my activities in education and children.

How do you know if your giving or volunteering has been successful with a nonprofit? 
Depending upon the circumstances, I may or may not know that my giving (either of funds or time) has been “successful”.  With some agencies where I have volunteered, I did not see the “end beneficiary”.  In other circumstances, I did see the results of my work, which brought me feelings of satisfaction and that I was making a difference.