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Morrison Child and Family Services

Imagine being on the front lines with troubled children every day. Dedicated women and men fight daily, weekly, monthly, yearly battles with children who have been abused and neglected and suffer myriad behavioral disorders as a result, with juvenile sex offenders, with children born drug exposed and addicted.

Now imagine doing that emotionally draining work for 40 hours a week, with modest pay, and then having to hand-write your reports and hand-deliver case files to shared service providers. Hand-write your time sheets and hand-deliver them to payroll. Duplicate data entry into your department’s database even though the same records are available in a database belonging to a different department.

As the largest family service organization in the state of Oregon, Morrison faced that dilemma. With 18 locations and more than 400 staff, it had tremendous needs to centralize, streamline and create efficiencies in both its internal and external reporting.

With four years of support from us (2001-2005), Morrison Child and Family Services was able to acquire and implement the IT solutions needed to become more efficient and effective. Our work made a tremendous difference, not only to the 400 heroic employees of this nonprofit, but to the more than 5,000 children whose lives are touched by them every year.

Cumulative SVPP grants: $153,600

Total Calculated Impact: $1,740,525