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Children who live with violence and abuse learn at an early age that the world is a dangerous place. The reality is that one out of every four children in Oregon lives in a home where violence occurs and almost as many will be molested some time before their 18th birthday. Last school year 12,043 children were victims of child abuse/neglect in Oregon.

50% of these children were younger than 6 years old.

17 of these children died.

Listen To Kids can’t tolerate these statistics. So they do something about it. They help kids learn in school to be “safe, strong and free” or tell an adult they trust when they’re not. And they help train the adults–parents, caregivers and school staff–to listen to kids and to respond.

They respond too. After leaving an abusive relationship, many parents must focus on finding housing, jobs, and meeting the basic needs of their family. Listen To Kids supports the parents in carrying out the important role they have in helping their children heal the wounds of living with violence.

Listen To Kids provides an unduplicated service in our community. Their focus, like many small nonprofits, has been on maintaining and delivering high-quality programs, not on developing the infrastructure that would allow these programs to thrive. With fewer resources and the need for their services continuing to grow as stress on families increases, they are faced with an exciting–and sometimes scary–opportunity to be creative. Partnering with SVPP helped to move Listen To Kids from surviving to thriving.