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Dave Smith

What is your profession? How do you spend your days?
I have worked for 20 years in the semiconductor capital equipment business running product divisions, leading technology organizations, and developing products. I have enjoyed the opportunity to be part of a solar energy start up. It was interesting to develop a new product and build a company. Today, I am a technical advisor working part time. I am looking forward to engaging in new roles through SVP

What has inspired you to be an engaged philanthropist?
I have been working 60+ hours a week, and my positions have required me to travel around the world for most of that time. Though my family home has been in Oregon, I have been working out of offices in other states. This has made it difficult to get involved in organizations beyond just writing a check. I believe I have skills and talents that can contribute to an organization’s growth. I will be able to engage in the community via SVP.

What do you value about Social Venture Partners?
I find the venture part the most interesting; the ability to fund new ideas and to work with the organization to develop the ideas/concepts. I wish to be more involved than just providing a check.

What do you want to accomplish in your next decade?
Spend time with my family. Travel with my wife. Develop my encore career.

Describe the most meaningful charitable gift of time or money you have made and why you made the gift.
The most meaningful, and difficult, contribution my family has made was to open our home to a family of four in a time of family crisis. We provided a safe environment, meals, clothing, transportation and other needs for three months. We helped the family move into their own housing and supported them through court hearings. It opened my eyes to the difficulties families endure when they live with domestic violence.