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These nonprofit organizations and community programs are fighting to ensure every child has the opportunity to thrive

SVP Community Partners are committed to alleviating the kindergarten readiness crisis in Portland and tackling some of the most pressing issues facing our youngest citizens. SVP Portland is honored to be their Partners for Good.

Alliance for Equity in Montessori Education (AEME)

Our partnership with the Alliance for Equity in Montessori Education (AEME) will include a $15k general operating grant and Partner time. AEME appreciates SVP’s general operating grant (rather than restricted) so that it can use the financial resources to invest in key aspects of running the organization well, such as DEI training, fundraising & grant writing, and staffing for community/parent engagement. Partners will work with AEME to achieve its vision by assisting with developing a strategy timeline, board governance, business model & financing, operational policies, and marketing. Read More »

Center for African Immigrants and Refugees Organization (CAIRO)

CAIRO is the sole advocacy organization in Oregon for and by African immigrants. It is a statewide, grassroots not-for-profit that engages, educates and empowers African immigrants and refugees communities with a view to inspire hope so they rise above the circumstances that marginalize them. Read More »

Center for Equity and Inclusion (CEI)

SVP launched a unique partnership with the Center for Equity and Inclusion (CEI) in 2019, and we are excited to build upon accomplishments we’ve made over the past years, through newly established goals for continued impact in 2021. SVP will invest as we would with any Community Partner, providing human capital in areas of expertise that help CEI achieve its social mission. For example, Partners will work in the areas of leadership, marketing, IT, and business modeling. Read More »

Child Care Facilities Initiative

To ensure that all children in the county have access to preschool, SVP Partners and collaborators launched the Child Care Facilities Initiative (CCFI) with the goal of shifting the Portland-metropolitan child care facilities market in five years to more efficiently and effectively connect supply and demand with minimal subsidies and interventions. CCFI will take a three-pronged approach to addressing the current deficit of needed facilities: research and information about facilities needs, modeling and demonstration projects, and convening of public agencies, nonprofits, and people from the private sector. Read More »

Equity Collaborative

The Equity Collaborative (formerly known as the Culturally Specific Early Learning Advocacy Collaborative) works to increase investment in culturally specific early childhood practices and shift the public narrative to make equity a priority in Oregon's early education system. Read More »

Hacienda Community Development Corporation (Hacienda CDC)

Utilizing the space available in their new housing developments, Hacienda is seeking to expand their capacity to support more families and children in their Portland Niños program. This aligns well with SVP Portland’s focus on early childhood education and provides a unique opportunity to gain experience having preschool environments connected to residential locations. Hacienda CDC is excited about the opportunity to work with us and gain assistance in the capacity building necessary to fulfill their vision. Read More »

Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)

Serving over 35 immigrant and refugee populations in Portland, the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) is uniquely positioned to develop a culturally and linguistically specific, high-quality preschool serving multiple races, ethnicities, and languages. Read More »

Latino Network

Latino Network is the leading provider of effective services to Multnomah County’s 90,000+ Latino population. Their successful programs for young children and families must be scaled to reach more of the demand in communities and schools. Read More »

Multnomah County Preschool for All

Community Partner Overview All children in our community deserve the chance to enter kindergarten with the tools [...] Read More »

Threads of Justice Collective

ToJC has developed anti-bias training programs for those interacting with young children, from parents to teachers to center directors, and more. SVP’s investment will position ToJC to respond to workforce development training needs coming from the Preschool for All initiative and the Student Success Act.  Read More »

Washington County Preschool for All

Given our early, deep, and long-time work to help make Preschool for All a reality in Multnomah County, we were asked to join the Washington County effort. Just as in Multnomah County, all young children in Washington County deserve positive early learning experiences that help them develop cognitive and social-emotional skills and prepare them for kindergarten. The goal is to build a program that is informed by best-practice research and community wisdom while honoring family preferences. The team seeks to leverage learnings and best practices from Multnomah County’s Preschool for All effort, with the goal of building to a successful ballot measure for November, 2022. Read More »