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Joe’s Court 2021

Posted by Social Venture Partners Portland

Joe’s Court is a celebration to honor SVP Partners who have invested for 10 years or more. The concept for Joe’s Court came about in October of 2014 — 13 years after the launch of the Portland affiliate — to recognize both the founding and growing number of Partners that remained committed to our mission. In 2021 there were 36 Partners representing more than 26% of our Partnership. 

Joe’s Court was named after Joe Barthmaier, a founding Partner of SVP Portland who served in a vast number of volunteer roles. He was an avid tennis player and debater, so Joe’s “Court” was a fitting name for the group and event.

This year’s Joe’s Court celebration was a time to reflect on the end of our 20th Anniversary celebration, which set the tone for the conversation among the Partners. SVP Portland started with a seedling of an idea that has been nourished for decades by dedicated Partners, and is now flourishing. We are proud of the successes and growth of our Community Partners, the Preschool for All victory, our equity journey, and the evolution of our governance. We are excited for the work to continue for the next 20 years and beyond!

SVP Partner Rebecca Brown Schroeder shared that she “joined SVP for the early childhood goals, and stays for the people.” SVP Partner Chris Nelson echoed that thought, saying “I recall being a part of the strategy work to create our first BHAG to focus on the Ready For Kindergarten and early childhood. That vision was great, hit my heart space, and so much had been accomplished thus far.” Interim Treasurer Larry Fox loves that “SVP always shows up for its Community Partners, and for each other.”

The group also talked enthusiastically about the future of SVP Portland. SVP Partner Val Ilsley is optimistic about the future because “our new Partners are talented, creative, and inspiring–there is a lot to be proud of!” Outgoing Board Chair Kerry McClenahan said, “I am most proud of the Board approving a new governance model, which is an important step in our journey toward being an anti-racist organization. I look forward to bringing in more voices–in partnership, we can accomplish even more!”

Thank you to all the Partners honored at Joe’s Court this year–you have been instrumental in the impact we’ve had in our community, and you have helped position us to continue to serve as a transformative leader in philanthropy!

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